This program is a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to pain management. It can include Psychology, social work, physiotherapy and occupational therapy one-on-one treatment sessions. This program utilizes activation goals to improve quality of life, biofeedback (EMG) stress reduction with focus on postural awareness and psycho-social/ life skill education. We also provide consensus reports with weekly team meetings to optimize effectiveness of the program.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

  • Reduce pain and increase mobility/ flexibility of your body
  • Water can decrease the stress on your body and the pressure on your joints that conventional exercise cause
  • The water creates a weightless feeling on your body which allows for greater movement in a joint and allow them to work more effectively
  • Water naturally massages your body which increases circulation and aids in releasing tight muscles
  • Water inhibits any high impact actions that may cause pain
  • Improve both muscle and cardiovascular strength


This treatment program is an interdisciplinary approach to patient care, bridging function within the clinical setting to their home and employment. It consists with individual client-centered rehabilitation with ongoing progressive goal setting and physiotherapy rehabilitation with psychosocial/ life skill empowerment. 

Functional recovery program

Our hydrotherapy is a Physiotherapy Supervised Pool program consisting of physical therapy exercises that are performed in the water. Hydrotherapy is an alternative form of exercise and provides the opportunity to increase strength and mobility while relieving pain.

Pain management program

​active body

physical therapy