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The Balanced Body Program is one-on-one physiotherapy. It’s about evaluating how you align and support your body, about determining how you move and about teaching  you how to do this in a more efficient and effective manner.

You will receive individual attention for your entire session and will be provided with a thorough assessment, analysis and treatment of your body in its entirety as a dynamic, moving entity. This also allows for education so that you can take an active roll in your recovery and return to wellness.

The focus is on a detailed evaluation of how you align, support and move your body with the end result being an increased level of self-awareness and a greater sense of well-being and vitality which arises from a well-supported body. You will become an active participant in the journey to discover how your body is supported and how to move it with ease and efficiency. 

Who Can Benefit?
This Pilates-based program is designed for people with:

  • ​poor posture
  • chronic low back pain, neck strain, shoulder/hip/knee pain
  • discomfort during sport, exercise, activities of daily living due to poor movement strategies or postural mal-alignment poor balance or co-ordination
  • a desire to improve the efficiency/effectiveness of their movement
  • a desire to develop a strong, supple core to make their whole body stronger and more flexible
  • a goal to reduce stress, relieve tension and boost energy

Registered Physiotherapist

BSc.(Physical Therapy)(1988)University of Toronto
Member of CPA/OPA-orthopedic, sports, women's health divisions
Certified Pilates Instructor-matwork specialist (2010) Toronto
Balanced Body Program Instructor at ABPT

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The Balanced Body Program at Active Body Physical Therapy is about you. It’s about taking control of your own health and wellness and learning what you can do for your own body. It’s about helping you Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well.
It’s a unique approach to rehabilitation that follows the Pilates-based principles of movement and core/postural control and emphasizes proper alignment of the spine as well as the positioning of the shoulder girdle, rib cage and pelvis.

Over the 27 years that I have been a physical therapist, I have had the opportunity to work in both the hospital and in private practice focusing mainly on orthopaedic physical therapy. After 17 years, I was introduced to Pilates-based movement re-education and I could see the potential that this form of movement based therapy could have for the rehab client. I have developed a treatment program (Balanced Body Program) designed to address postural dysfunctions, retrain core support and stabilization, alleviate chronic neck/back/shoulder/knee issues, and balance re-educaton. Each client is given an individualized assessment and is taught how to support their bodies from centre, stabilizing through the myofascial lines of movement.
During my years of practice as a physical therapist, I have taken numerous courses including manual therapy, neurology, respiratory and exercise therapy and I look forward to the opportunity to combine my physical therapy experience and Pilates training to provide individualized treatment and exercise program instruction.

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