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How does the program work?

Once enrolled in the program, the athlete will come in and receive a baseline test, then if they get a concussion they come back in to get re-tested and we use the online ImPACT concussion test to track their progress. This allows us to ensure the safety of the athleste before they return to both regular and sports-related activities.

ImPACT testing gives parents the peace of mind that their injured athlete is indeed ready to return to play.

Cost: covered by many extended health benefits. 

The test is administered and interpreted by Impact Trained Physiotherapist and/or Credentialed Impact Consultant. 

Concussion management program

Our sports based physiotherapists have been trained in scientifically based concussion management and are credited as ImPACT trained physiotherapist. ​We will also be in direct contact with credentialed ImPACT consultants, who are medical healthcare providers. This state of the art neurocognitive testing and extensive training programs has allowed us to provide the best science available in concussion management to the community. 

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