​Thank you for being a valued Active Body Physical Therapy customer. We are so grateful for having the opportunity to provide physiotherapy services to the Windsor community for over 20 years.  Our Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and Chiropodists value the continued trust you place in us to achieve your healthcare goals.

We are conveniently located in Windsor's west end, in LaSalle, Ontario. Our physiotherapy clinic proudly serves our surrounding communities including Harrow and Belle River.

1765 Sprucewood Avenue, LaSalle, ON, N9J 1X7, Canada.

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  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Sports Injuries
  • Work Related Injuries
  • Pre and Post-surgery
  • Arthritis
  • Back, Neck and Joint Pain
  • Neurological Injuries
  • Women's Health
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Pain Control
  • Concussion


Physiotherapy in Windsor and LaSalle

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can Physiotherapy Help Me?

Physiotherapists support a wide range of injuries and conditions including those involving muscles, bone, and nerves. Sprains such as ligament tears, muscle strains, whiplash, sciatica, disc herniations of the neck and lower back are conditions we treat to name a few. Physiotherapy services will involve an assessment, goal setting, and treatment to have the best outcomes. Physiotherapists can utilize manual techniques, modalities such as ultrasound and acupuncture, helping tissues heal safely. Additionally, through an exercise program, our physiotherapists will help to restore strength and function of muscles and joints with goals of pre-injury levels and prevention of future injury.

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Now Offering Chiropractic Services

We would like to welcome Dr. Dianne Miskus to our clinic.  Learn more about Dianne and her practice here.

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Why choose Active Body Physical Therapy for your Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services?

Your physiotherapy team in Windsor and LaSalle are here to ensure you recover from injury, with a focus on prevention of re-injury.  We will provide a personalized physiotherapy and rehabilitation care plan based on your recovery needs and goals, working to promote healing, improve performance, and a pain free life.

Our experienced team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropodists will support your recovery journey from pain related to motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or day to day wear and tear.  We also offer rehabilitation services following surgery or a workplace injury.​​ Our physiotherapy team provides hands-on care, helping to manage pain and promote balance, mobility, and function.

If you're looking to recover from injury, improve performance, or manage a chronic condition, please contact us to schedule a physiotherapy appointment. Our team of physiotherapists are here to help you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life.

We Have Been Windsor and LaSalle's Physiotherapy Choice For Over 20 Years!

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Can Massage Therapy Help Me?

Our Registered Massage Therapy service can act as support for physiotherapy rehabilitation services, or a standalone service for tissue recovery or stress relief. Massage Therapy techniques such as deep tissue, Swedish massage, trigger point release, and hot stone massage will help promote circulation to muscles and ligaments. This can reduce lactic acid buildup, break down scar tissue, and promote relaxation.  We also offer specialized services such a Manual Lymphatic Drainage which aids in edema, lymphedema and swelling.  Learn more on our Massage Therapy page.

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Can Chiropody Help Me?

Our Chiropody services assist with injuries and conditions of the foot and lower leg. This can include general foot care such as routine nail cutting, callus and corn removal, and the treatment of foot and ankle conditions such as athlete's foot. Our team can also help with specialized populations including Diabetic Foot Care, Orthotics, and Children’s Foot Care. Our Chiropodists can also work in conjunction with physiotherapy as part of your care team to assist with foot injuries like heel spurs and stubborn plantar fasciitis. 

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Do I need a Doctor's referral for physiotherapy?

No, you do not need a referral from a doctor to attend physiotherapy. However, a doctor’s referral is occasionally required for reimbursement through you extended health care benefits. These situations are rare, but occasionally occur. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure if you need a doctor’s referral.

Do you direct bill my insurance?

Active Body Therapy has the ability to invoice most extended health care providers directly.  The amounts and spending limits may vary from plan to plan, even across the same insurance provider.  The insurer may only provide information on these limit amounts to you directly, so it is important you contact your extended health care provider for plan details. Additionally, we are registered to invoice your insurer directly if you have been injured in a car accident or at work. If you have any questions about direct billing or invoicing, please contact our clinic to speak with one of our team members.

How long is a physiotherapy visit?

The duration of your physiotherapy visit will depend on your injury. Typically the initial visit, that includes an assessment with treatment is approximately one hour. Follow up visits are approximately 45 minutes. Again, this can depend on the type and severity of your injury.

What should I expect on my first physiotherapy visit?

Our supportive team will be happy to walk you through your first physiotherapy visit.  You should expect to complete some initial paper work that will include your health history, consent and contact information.  It is recommended you arrive 10-15 minutes early on your first day to complete this information.  To save time, some forms are also available here, on our website. They can be completed at home prior to coming to the clinic.
You will be assessed by a registered health care provider.  It may help to wear loose fitting clothing or bring shorts, a T-shirt, or athletic wear to allow the therapist access to the injured area.